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Review: Weathering Captain Storm by Jane Charles

Weathering Captain Storm

by Jane Charles

Regency Historical Romance
ebook, 161 pages
June 16, 2016 by Night Shift Publishing
Spirited Storms #3

Captain Nathaniel Storm fell in love with Miss Isabella Valentine during the time of war. She followed the drum, he knew his duty. If not for the fear of making her a widow, Nate would have claimed her as his long ago.
Isabella knew Nate could never been hers, but that didn’t stop her from dreaming of what could have been if her life was as she claimed. She thought never to see him again after he was reassigned to a different regiment, which was for the best. Until he returned...
His kisses spark lightening.
Her smile is as bright as the sun.
His eyes as green as new grass.
Hers as grey as a stormy sea.
His presence and touch, are tumultuous to her soul, tossing and turning her about, wondering when it would end. Will she weather her love for Captain Storm, or will it destroy her in the end?
On the eve of Waterloo, she is nearly within his grasp, but will Isabella’s secrets make her as elusive as a rainbow after a summer rain.

My Thoughts

Weathering Captain Storm is a story about Captain Nathaniel (Nate) Storm and Isabella Valentine. Nate had been in love with Isabella since the first time she took care of him as a nurse in the middle of war zone. Her sweet voice and gentle touch were enough to make Nate in love with her. But he always thought that she didn't think of him as more than friend. So when he met her again after a year, he knew that time he should told her of his feeling. The war was not a place that he wanted to court her.

Isabella Valentine loved Captain Storm from afar. She thought Nate loved Mary, the wife of Major Soares. So she never showed her feeling. When Nate finally confessed, she rejected him coldly, leaving Nate more heartbroken and confused as ever.

I really like this story and Nate.

Nate is a really loyal man. It was shown by his love to Isabella.

Isabella is a compassionate woman even though there were times that I was annoyed with her. I know that she got secret and she was scared but that would mean she didn't trust Nate enough. She kept running away and hurting both of them in the process.

There are parts that sometimes I got confused of, like the family relationships but overall it was a good story about love conquered everything including lies and secrets.

If you love someone, you will overlook their mistakes and you will make them stronger too.

I recommend this book for anyone looking for short read. I just wish there are more conversation between Nate, Isabella and Mary in the beginning of the story.

About the Author

Jane Charles is a USA Today Bestselling Author and has lived in the Midwest her entire life. As a child she would more likely be found outside with a baseball than a book in her hand. In fact, Jane hated reading until she was sixteen. Out of boredom on a long road trip she borrowed her older sister's historical romance and fell in love with reading. She long ago lost count of how many novels she has read over the years and her love for them never died. Along with romance she has a passion for history and the two soon combined when she penned her first historical romance, and she has been writing since with the loving support from her husband, three children and three cats. She writes both historical (set in the Regency period) and Coming of Age contemporary.

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