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Review & Excerpt: A Memory Away by Melinda Curtis

Welcome, or welcome back to Harmony Valley!

Join Harmony Valley residents as youth returns to help save their town.

A Memory Away

by Melinda Curtis

Adult Contemporary Romance
ebook & print, 376 pages
December 1, 2015 by Harlequin Heartwarming
A Harmony Valley Novel #6

For better or worse, she's family now 

Duffy Dufraine just found out he's going to be an uncle. Jessica Aguirre came to Harmony Valley in search of the father of her unborn child, which is by no means him. An accident may have damaged the expectant mom's memory, but he knows his twin is the man she's looking for. But Greg's gone, which leaves Duffy the only family Jess has. And he has to make things right. Offering her a temporary place to stay seems an ideal short-term solution. Until she stirs desires that make the embattled vineyard manager rethink his own long-term game plan. Is he ready to offer Jess and her baby a home to call their own—with him?

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My Thoughts

A Memory Away is an exceptional book. The characters makes lots of mistakes and sometimes the wrong choices, but these makes them look more human instead. They love, hate, regret, understand and many more.

Duffy Dufraine wanted his freedom after fifteen years getting a lot of responsibility. He still held a grudge of her twin, Greg. Greg wasted the family money and when he was dead, he left a legacy. When Jessica Aguire came to the town claiming she got a memory loss and in search of her baby's daddy, Duffy knew that responsibility was coming and a lifelong commitment should be made.

Duffy didn't believe Jessica at first considering that she was together with Greg, but as time goes on, he realized that she was trustworthy. He may looked like he didn't care about anyone, but he actually did and it was one of his best qualities.
Jessica was a brave woman and she was not afraid to admit that she was wrong. A great character indeed.
The senior characters in the story added some dynamics and I have to admit they were annoying at first, but as the story went on, I started to like Eunice.

If you like a heartwarming romance and a small town romance, I recommend this book!


Did he love me?
A man got out of the truck. Dark hair. Straight nose. Familiar eyes.
It's him.
She leaned forward, peering through the paned glass, her heart sailing toward him, over ever-hopeful waves of roses and rainbows.
Jess didn't usually let herself dream. But
And yet...
He wore a burgundy vest jacket that clashed with a red long-sleeve T-shirt. Worn blue jeans. A black baseball cap.
Instead, she saw him in a fine wool suit. Black, always black. A navy shirt of the softest cotton. A silk tie in a geometric pattern. Shiny Italian loafers...
He took the stairs two at a time, work boots ringing on wood.
Jessica's heart sank as certainly as if someone had drilled holes in the boat carrying her hopeful emotions. Clouds blocked the sun. The rainbow disappeared. Unwilling to sink, Jess clung to joy. To the idea of him.
He entered without a flourish or an energetic greeting. He entered without the smile that teased the corners of her memory. He entered and took stock of the room, the situation, her.
Their eyes met. His were the same color, same shape, so heart-achingly familiar.
It was the cool assessment in them that threw her off. Not a smile, not a brow quirk, not an eye crinkle.
He came forward. "I'm Michael Dufraine, but everyone calls me Duffy."
His name didn't ring true.
Had he lied to her?
She couldn't speak, could barely remember her name.
The wind shook the panes. The house creaked and groaned.
He smiled. A polite smile, a distant smile, an I-don't-know-you smile.
Disappointment overwhelmed her. Jess resisted the urge to dissolve into a pity puddle on the floor.
"And you are...?" He extended his hand.
On autopilot, she reached for him. Their palms touched.
Jessica's vision blurred and she gripped his hand tighter as clips of memory assailed her—his deep laughter, him offering her a bite of chocolate cheesecake, his citrusy cologne as he leaned in to kiss her.
It is him.
Relieved. She was so relieved. Jessica blinked at the man—Duffy—who she vaguely recalled and, at the same time, did not.
She'd practiced what to say on the hour-long drive up here from Santa Rosa. Ran through several scenarios. None of them had included him not recognizing her.
She should start at the beginning. Best not to scare him with hysterics and panicked accusations, of which she'd had five months to form.
Don't raise your voice. Don't cry. Don't ask why.
And don't lead the conversation with the elephant in the room.
Despite all the cautions and practicing and caveats, she drew a breath, and flung her hopes toward him as if he was her life preserver. "I think I'm your wife."

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He's coming up on her blind side

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Shelby is the woman Gage has secretly loved since high school. Starting over—together—could be the best dream he's ever had. If only he can find the courage to say what he should have said all those years ago.

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As they work to save an injured colt, Kathy starts to believe in a future with Dylan that she never thought possible. But one of Kathy's new rules is no more secrets... and Dylan has a big one. One that could destroy the life he and Kathy are building together.  

A Man of Influence 
by Melinda Curtis
Adult Contemporary Romance
ebook & print, 384 pages
April 1, 2016 by Harlequin Heartwarming
A Harmony Valley Novel #7

She isn't giving up—on her town or herself 

An accident cost Tracy Jackson not only her high-profile job but also her ability to easily communicate. Back in her California hometown, she's working at the bakery and painstakingly relearning how to speak. Now she has a new mission: to protect her community from Chad Healy. 

The travel writer is in Harmony Valley to cover the Harvest Festival. And—big surprise—he's helping Tracy make her dreams happen. But his lampooning style could hurt her town's longtime traditions. Filled with conflicting emotions, can Tracy find the words to let Chad know how she feels before he's gone for good?

About the Author

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USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Author, Melinda Curtis is the award winning author of contemporary romance that spans the sexy scale - from sweet romance to sweet romantic comedy (written under the Melinda Curtis brand) to fun, sexier romances (written under the Mel Curtis brand).

"...Wonderfully entertaining..." Jayne Ann Krentz (commenting on Blue Rules)

"Reading Slade and Christine's story reminded me of why I enjoy romance. Season of Change has found a place on my keeper shelf!" Brenda Novak

"Mel Curtis knows romance, sports and humor and she makes all three sing in Amber Rules." Eileen Rendahl
Melinda loves writing romances about women who don't realize how strong they are until a hero comes along to show them, while simultaneously capturing the wry humorous power struggle of falling in love (because, really, who lets the man have the last word?).

Check out her website to sign up for book release announcements (almost always containing offers for FREE shorts), read excerpts, and learn the story behind the story of each book. Check out her Twitter feed (@MelCurtisAuthor). Or "Like" her on Facebook (MelindaCurtisAuthor) for the opportunity to win free stuff.

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