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Review & Excerpt: Season of Change by Melinda Curtis

Welcome, or welcome back to Harmony Valley!

Join Harmony Valley residents as youth returns to help save their town. In Season of Change, we will see Slade and Christine's journey as they were getting more involved in winery and deep into Slade's past.

Season of Change

by Melinda Curtis

Adult Contemporary Romance
ebook & print, 384 pages
May 1, 2014 by Harlequin Heartwarming
A Harmony Valley Novel #3

Harmony Valley...not so harmonious after all! 

Christine Alexander needs to prove herself as a top-notch winemaker, and in Harmony Valley she's got a chance to build something legitimate, quality and lasting. What she doesn't need is part-owner Slade Jennings poking his nose in her cabernet.
Brooding, buttoned-up Slade Jennings won't be making things easy for his new hire.Someone has to worry about the bottom line. Forced into an uneasy partnership, the pair faces two challenges: create a spectacular award-winning vintage within months...and figure out if their tenuous friendship can grow into something deeper and lasting.

My Thoughts

I should've expected that the next book is better than the last one. This book will make the coldest heart broke down. 

In those four books from this series I've read, they're all emotionally gut-wrenching and powerful. It's easy to fall in love, but it's difficult to stay in love. They talked about forgiveness, the key in relationship. I found each of them explained forgiveness in its truest meaning.

This book is my favorite in this series! From the beginning, I was wondering what is Slade hiding with his tie. Why was he staying in the house that was obviously holding his bad memory? 
There were some secrets, which are not mine to tell, but they were horrifying, appalling and it contained regrets and sadness. I can't begin to imagine how fragile his emotion back then. 

And then there was Christine. She wanted to start something lasting in the winery world, but there had been some issues with the permit and Slade's business goal to get into millions of bottles in five years and this bottom line thing about budget. Her struggle with her past job and her father was on top of her mind. She wanted to be loyal and believe in Slade's word that they won't be selling. She needed this job and... him. Her determination and her quality ethics made me love her even more.

When, Christine finally succeeded in breaking through the wall around Slade, she found out that this man was hiding so many thing even to his own business partners, his friends. She stayed with him and pushed him to face his demons. But was he keeping more secrets?

Thankfully this book contains some fun parts like Slade's daughters, Grace and Faith, interacting with Christine. The sweetness kept me smiling even after I finished reading this. To see Slade's love for his daughter shining through all the time and his attempt to make them talk to him was endearing yet heartbreaking. 

Another thing that I love from this novel is the Old Man Takata. I've seen him in the first book but I finally got a glimpse into the kind of man he was. He was Slade's neighbor and he played a significant role in Slade's life now. Even though he was the gruff old man, but I enjoyed getting to know the insight to his mind and felt thankful that Slade had him. 

The winery had become a special part of me too. It sounded very classy, yet it was perfect for this charming small town. I wanted to go to one of those places.

At last, I would like to recommend everyone to read this book and the rest of Harmony Valley novel. 
This is the love story that would stay with you long after you read it.

I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.


After several dress changes by his twins, Slade was feeling decidedly uncomfortable on Christine's bedroom floor, leaning against her bed, at her feet, which were bare, the toes painted an energetic orange. They had a business relationship, nothing more. It was time to get down to business.

And so they discussed projected timelines and her preferred equipment manufacturers. They discussed in depth her preferred methods of harvesting and winemaking. He shared the partnership's views on the winery stimulating town growth. Interspersed between were ooohs and ahhhs for the girls in Christine's dresses. It was hard to b

Although he enjoyed seeing his daughters dress up, he couldn't help imagining what Christine would look like in each evening gown, until Grace came out in a black dress with a long feathered skirt. "Whoa. You did not wear that thing?" Slade glanced up at Christine. "It has feathers."elieve that one woman had that many evening gowns. Short ones, long ones, fitted ones, ones with slits and lace and shimmery trim.

Christine stared down her elegant nose at him. "Feathers were in that year."

Slade chuckled. "Grace, you look beautiful, honey, but I can't see how that dress would look good on a full-grown woman." He pointed at the dress. "I mean...feathers!"

"I'm reminding myself you're my boss," Christine said through gritted teeth.

Grace exchanged a look with Faith, who was wearing a white beaded gown with flowing long sleeves. Both girls looked at Christine and nodded.

"Excuse me a minute, boss." Christine followed them into the bathroom.

Great. Add Christine to the growing list of people who understood his daughters' silent language.

Slade got up stiffly, stretched out the kinks, and sat on the bed. It was softly inviting. With effort, he kept from flopping onto his back and sneaking a power nap.

A few minutes later the girls came out dressed in their pink checks and overalls shorts. Their hair was still prom-queen grand. They bounced onto the bed next to him. Grace leaned on his shoulder.

And then Christine stepped out of the bathroom in the black feathered gown. It fit her tight across the chest, with just a hint of cleavage, enough to catch a man's eye.

This man's eye.

She'd piled her hair above her head in a messy style that begged a man's hand to smooth it. And then she walked across the hall, revealing a dangerously high slit that exposed most of her leg with every step. A leg that ended in a bright red pump.

Slade's mouth went dry as his eyes traveled back up to her face.

Christine wouldn't release his gaze. Here was the classy, confident woman he'd interviewed. The woman who knew the power of her appearance and wasn't afraid to use it. Not that she had to wield her womanly power, given she was rocket scientist smart when it came to her craft.

Faith and Grace leaned over to look at him. And giggled.

Christine burst out laughing. "That'll teach you to make fun of a woman's feathers."

Other Books in the Series

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She desperately needed to apologize, to try to explain, if she could. Will had managed to keep the two apart while Tracy was in the hospital, but now that she was home in Harmony Valley, the winemaker wannabe had to understand that getting past this was the only way they could heal. And yet even if Tracy was able to, Emma wasn't sure she could forgive herself. And Will had made it abundantly clear: he wouldn't sleep until he'd found retribution.

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Flynn Harris, her new patient's grandson, is weakening her resolve in every way. His scrutiny, his suspicion—and worst of all, his kisses—are more than distracting. They're dangerous. Because she's teetering on the edge of caring. And revealing her secrets. And…staying.

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Shelby is the woman Gage has secretly loved since high school. Starting over—together—could be the best dream he's ever had. If only he can find the courage to say what he should have said all those years ago.

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As they work to save an injured colt, Kathy starts to believe in a future with Dylan that she never thought possible. But one of Kathy's new rules is no more secrets... and Dylan has a big one. One that could destroy the life he and Kathy are building together.  

A Memory Away
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A Man of Influence 
by Melinda Curtis
Adult Contemporary Romance
ebook & print, 384 pages
April 1, 2016 by Harlequin Heartwarming
A Harmony Valley Novel #7

She isn't giving up—on her town or herself 

An accident cost Tracy Jackson not only her high-profile job but also her ability to easily communicate. Back in her California hometown, she's working at the bakery and painstakingly relearning how to speak. Now she has a new mission: to protect her community from Chad Healy. 

The travel writer is in Harmony Valley to cover the Harvest Festival. And—big surprise—he's helping Tracy make her dreams happen. But his lampooning style could hurt her town's longtime traditions. Filled with conflicting emotions, can Tracy find the words to let Chad know how she feels before he's gone for good?

About the Author

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USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Author, Melinda Curtis is the award winning author of contemporary romance that spans the sexy scale - from sweet romance to sweet romantic comedy (written under the Melinda Curtis brand) to fun, sexier romances (written under the Mel Curtis brand).

"...Wonderfully entertaining..." Jayne Ann Krentz (commenting on Blue Rules)

"Reading Slade and Christine's story reminded me of why I enjoy romance. Season of Change has found a place on my keeper shelf!" Brenda Novak

"Mel Curtis knows romance, sports and humor and she makes all three sing in Amber Rules." Eileen Rendahl
Melinda loves writing romances about women who don't realize how strong they are until a hero comes along to show them, while simultaneously capturing the wry humorous power struggle of falling in love (because, really, who lets the man have the last word?).

Check out her website to sign up for book release announcements (almost always containing offers for FREE shorts), read excerpts, and learn the story behind the story of each book. Check out her Twitter feed (@MelCurtisAuthor). Or "Like" her on Facebook (MelindaCurtisAuthor) for the opportunity to win free stuff.

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